What is the difference between Modal & Viscose?

Viscose Woven Maxi

Our Viscose Woven Maxi Hijab is made of 100% rayon, which gives it the look and feel of silk or wool. The strong, tight-knit fibers woven throughout the scarf give it the versatility of a chiffon with the comfort and durability of what Viscose is known for and provides. This hijab is truly an all-in-one elegant scarf ideal for any occasion, can be worn dressed up or down, and because of its breathable nature, you can look chic while not sweating it out in the summer heat.

The best thing about these maxi scarves is that despite its length, the material is very airy and drapes effortlessly around the face to create any hijab style you like. Available in a variety of bright, vivid colors, the viscose-woven maxis are a staple to any wardrobe and perfect for any season!

Modal Maxi Hijab

Featuring a luxurious line of neutral colors, our Modal Maxi Hijab is best known for its quality and suitability for everyday looks. While it’s slightly heavier and thicker than the Viscose, the Modal Maxi maintains its modesty in length by providing ample coverage as well as keeping true to style by not weighing you down or limiting style options.

Much like the Viscose, these hijabs can be easily manipulated and draped into whatever style you’re feeling for the day, whether that’s go-to casual or party-worthy. And because of the slightly thicker material, these hijabs stay in place and require less pins (or even none, depending on the look you’re going for!)

Modal Wrap

Our Modal Wrap line is similar to the Modal Maxi and Viscose in that it is made of the same strong 100% Rayon material. A couple of differences with this hijab is that it is more lightweight, which also makes this ideal for breezy, everyday looks, especially for the summer. Additionally, it’s smaller in width than the maxis, at about 12 inches/30cm overall. The texture is soft and velvety-smooth, and not only looks gorgeous, but feels exquisitely lush as well.

The versatility and comfort this hijab offers makes it possible to pull off basic looks or overlap with other hijabs for more intricate styles and designs. It is ideal for all day wear and stay put without slipping or sliding.

With our Modal Wrap, you’re never sacrificing comfort for quality as this line fuses the two attributes together to give the best of both worlds. Available in a variety of stunning colors-from muted nudes to vibrant brights-the Modal Wrap is an obvious choice to have for anyone looking to stay stylish without compromising quality, comfort, or design.

Each hijab, no matter the material or style, is high quality built to last long and withstand long-term use including various seasons and washes. Every premium wrap is assured to be durable, fashionable, and unique to individual personalities all at a reasonable price.

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